better back

The most common reason an individual seeks care for their spine is due to low back pain. The clinicians at Lone Tree Chiropractic specialize in rehabilitating low back injuries and instability.

There are many conditions which can present as low back pain, the four most common being: bulging/herniated discs, low back muscle strain, stenosis and spondylolistheseis. If you are in severe pain, the initial goal is to reduce you pain to a tolerable level as quickly as possible. We use the following modalities unique to individual need: cold laser, dry needling, manipulative therapy, massage therapy, myofascial release and gentle reactivation technique.

Once you can tolerate movement and you can demonstrate basic spinal control, your therapy will transition to active care therapy. The goal is to address the underlying weak and inhibited muscles. We use gentle techniques to first active the deep core stabilizers and therapeutic activities to improve mobility and further reduce pain. Then we progress with specific corrective exercise training until you demonstrate full range of motion and full strength. Our progressive, integrated evidence based protocols are designed to eliminate your pain and restore function. Our clients often experience dramatic results within the first 2-3 visits!

Automobile Accidents

Unfortunately, severe spinal, soft tissue, and joint injuries can occur as a result of automobile accident. Even a rear impact collision with very little force can cause a whiplash injury to the cervical spine. Because of the sheering force induced into the cervical spine from automobile collisions, soft tissue and ligament strains can result in significant pain and discomfort.

We specialise in treating personal injuries. Because we use evidence based active care and rehabilitation in our clinic, you can trust that we are treating you with the highest level of integrity. We will coordinate care with other specialist as needed to insure that you achieve results as quickly as possible. If you present to our office due to a personal injury claim, we will work with your lawyer. We accept liens in cases where medical pay has been exhausted.