The doctors at Lone Tree Chiropractic are certified by the founder of the American Dry Needling Institute in Pain Management, Sports Medicine and Advanced Sports and Trauma Rehabilitation.

Dr. Yun-tao Ma, PhD. is the founder of the American Dry Needling Institute, an internationally recognized and highly respected authority in Pain Management, Sports and Trauma Rehabilitation. Dr. Ma's evidence-based Integrative Dry Needling System has proven efficacy nationally and worldwide and has been presented at National and International symposiums in: Washington DC, London, Barcelona, Berlin, Paris, Sao Paulo, Miami, Frankfurt, Prague, Thessaloniki, Natal, Beijing and at several medical schools. For more information, please visit

  • Here is an overview of some of the general benefits of Integrative Dry Needling (IDN) as indicated by Dr. Ma:

  • "IDN represent effective techniques for resolving soft tissue dysfunction including: Inflammation, contracture, tissue adhesion, microcirculation and edema."

  • "Promotes biomechanical balance of musculoskeletal System."

  • "Emphasizes both local anatomy and systemic functional effects."

  • "We treat both local injuries and assure physiological and mechanical balance of the whole system - human body."

  • The technique as taught by Dr. Ma is virtually PAINLESS!
  • Here is a summary for benefits related to sports medicine and recovery for professional/elite athletes:

  • Enhance recovery/reduce the effects of over training syndrome.

  • Manage delayed onset muscle soreness.

  • Reduce muscle spasms and contracture.

  • Improve systemic myofascial balance.

  • Reduce swelling from acute trauma (ankle sprains/turf toe).

  • Beneficial for restoration after sports injuries and surgeries.